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You can plan exponential growth.

In this book, I outline a 4-Part approach to thinking smarter about growth as a CPG entrepreneur. It is based on years of anthropological research into how and why consumers pay for premium-priced CPG items and intensive 4P pattern analysis among an elite club of premium CPG brands that all reached $100M+ in less than a decade. 


I want to democratize access to early stage growth wisdom.

In an era when retailers are more open to emerging CPG brands than ever before, barriers to entry have come way down. But this has not changed the rate of failure among new CPG brands. The laws of early stage growth remain the same. Do you understand them?

I’ve spent years studying early stage CPG brands’ growth curves, go-to-market strategies and product design cues to help aggregate known patterns of competitive behavior that yield exponential growth. You must be disciplined. But, you can plan exponential growth in a crowded marketplace.

1. Designing to Command a Premium

This is where many founders fail without realizing it. There is a cultural logic behind premium products that grow extremely fast. You should learn it.

2. Managing A Small Experiment

Don’t hit the gas too early. Successful CPG startups manage a rolling, iterative experiment until key KPIs appear. You should learn this art.

3. Fine Tuning the Conversion Playbook

Steady velocity growth is essential to ramping your brand.Your team needs to learn the art of sustaining it in key geographies, so that you don’t have to buy premature distribution to obtain growth.

4. Accelerating to Scale

There are three best practices in acceleration. Two of them are counter-intuitive to CPG veterans not expert in the ramping of premium CPG businesses. You need to learn how to deploy them.

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